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Bonsai Chiles are great choice for people who want to grow
peppers as ornamentals with a limited space.

Almost all varieties are suitable but some smaller varieties are easier to grow into nice bush-shapes.

C. galapagoense

C. annuum var. ´CAP 1546´

Growing bonsai chiles is very easy, all you need is appropriate varieties, a small pot
(choose a pot that looks good!), plenty of light (to prevent plants from growing to spindly shapes.)
and scissors (keep cutting the plant to keep it shaped just the way you want it).

C. annuum var. `Bolivian Rainbow`

Also, it might be a good idea to fertilize the bonsai plants sometimes to prevent the plant running out of nutrients.
This happens quite easily with tiny pots.

Bonsai chiles make a great desktop plants with even a small fluorescent bulb light.

Small passive hydro pots are great for bonsai growing!
Change nutrients every 2 or 3 months ! Just add water.

Small bonsai chile full of pretty flowers! (C. annuum var. ´CAP 1546´)

C. annuum x chinense var. ´Dutch-Habanero` F1

C. chinense var. ´Orange Habanero´

Experiment with different varieties and try to cut plants into various shapes.
With a good windowsill or under a fluorescent tube, you can grow very beatiful row of different bonsai chiles!

Bonsai chiles in a hanging pot are great and useful too!

Mail me a pictures of your most beatiful bonsai chiles and maybe I'll publish them on this page! 🙂