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Capsicum chinense

The name “chinense” incorrectly referring to place it originated from.
No one seems to know why this species was thought to originate from china.
Actually,  this group originated from Amazon Basin.
This species is well-known of it’s killer hot pods, most common varieties in this group are called “Habanero”.
Sometimes the whole species is referred as “Habaneros”, which isn’t very accurate designation as there are numerous different pod types in this group.
Pods can be tiny little berries or quite huge pods, they can also be non-pungent, mild, hot or nearly deadly hot, most often, they share the similar-type fruity “habanero-like” aroma which is typical to C. chinenses.
The plants are usually quite compact and robust.

Usually a good choice for indoor growers due to it’s growing habit. When treated well these plants can be very generous when it’s time to produce some yield!

Photos of Capsicum chinense: