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Taking cuttings using Rooting hormone and rockwool


1. Helpful items when taking cuttings with rockwool cubes:
Dymo (to
make labels of the varieties being used), Clonex-rooting hormone,
sharp knife, scissors, a branch from the desired variety, a small
rockwool cube,
a toothpick (for poking a hole in to the rockwool cube
and work as a pole of the label).

2. Branch from the desired variety.
This time it was a Dutch-Habanero (C. annuum x chinense) because it bears a lot of pods.

3. I cut one leaf in half to prevent the cutting from wasting energy on it.
At this point the leaf is still able to assimilate.

4. Make an oblique cut. It’ll be a spot where the first roots usually emerge.

5. The stem of the cutting will be dipped into the Clonex rooting hormone.

6. At least the oblique cut should be totally covered with rooting
All parts of the stem that will be inside the rockwool cube
can be covered with the same way.

7. Now, water the rockwool cube properly

8. Poke a hole in the rockwool cube with a toothpic (or similar object)
and rotate it in the hole until the stem will fit.
Make sure all the
rooting hormone won’t be wiped off when sticking the stem in to the
rockwool cube.

9. Done!
Just remember to label the cutting!
Also, it’d be an good idea to keep the cutting in a humid enviroment.

Always take plenty of cuttings to make sure that some of them will root.