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Fatalii Gourmet proudly presents:

The very first variety bred in Finland for commercial use. Patiently developed for over five years to achieve the perfect combination of fruity taste with sweet overtones delivered with a hint of gentle heat. Ideal, versatile variety for all kind of culinary use.

I own plant breeders rights (PBR) for this variety which means that I have the priviledge to decide how it can be used commercially. PBR is a "patent for plants". It's been registered in a way that commercial copycats have to find their own varieties instead of Aji Fantasy.

Hobby growers, feel free to grow the Fatalii Gourmet Aji Fantasy for your personal use. Actually, we encourage you to do so because this variety is a must-have for every true chilehead.

Aji Fantasy belongs to C. baccatum -species.
It has medium sized, bell shaped beautiful yellow pods with a nice, soft heat level (4/10).






Aji Fantasy info sheet (PDF) in Finnish here: