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Pimenta da Neyde

Written by: Luciano Coelho


Pimenta-da-Neyde is a very strange and interesting plant.  It’s apparently a chinense-annuum cross with purple pods!
A friend from
Brazil called Neyde (that’s where the name comes from) sent me some
This plant is interesting because it’s purplish and seems to be a C. annuum/C. chinense hybrid.
Even though the fruits don’t resemble chinenses very much, the taste is
said to be very chinense-like and the pods are supposed to
be very hot.

The flowers remind purple C. annuums:
The flowers are white with purple marks.

The fruits have a purplish-chocolate colour.  And the most
interesting thing is that they apparently don’t change colour when ripe!

The mature pods are purple (inset: small purple pod forming)

More pods
This picture shows pods at different stages, all with the same colour.

It seems that the plant produces more than one pod per node… And the leaves look a bit chinense-like.

Here you can see some closer pictures of the pods.  The ruler shows that they’re about 5cm long and 2cm wide:

And here is a picture of a pod split into two:
Pod split into two
This particular pod still seems to be a bit unripe.

Very small seedling and already looking purple!

And here you can see a picture of one of my seedlings (1½ months when
the picture was taken).  This seedling is approxiamately 13cm in
Neyde seedling 2

You can follow the development of my seedling in this post at my forum (in Portuguese):
Pimenta-da-Neyde at Fórum Pimentas

And a few more pictures are available in this topic:
Pimenta-da-Neyde mother-plant

Photos by Neyde Hidalgo, Mário José Colombo, Jukka Kilpinen and Luciano Coelho