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C. rhomboideum (aka. C. ciliatum)

Yellow flowered capsicum originated in South Mexico, which recently was reclassified as Capsicum rhomboideum. (before: C. ciliatum)


Capsicum rhomboideum also known as Capsicum ciliatum has its distribution area in the south of Mexico to the North of Peru and Venezuela. C. ciliatum is one of the most controversial species because of their yellow flowers and the lack of sharpness and was removed as Witheringia ciliates from the genus. According to research by AT Hunziker, Barboza & Bianchetti in 2001, the plant was reclassified  as C. rhomboideum.






















Mexico, Chiapas                                                                                                                                    

Specimens of the species where also found in Chiapas, South Mexico by A.Reyes-García Con R. Hampshire & L. Hernández.


In the past some researchers claimed that this plants does not belong to the capsicum family. The plant was rejected from the list of capsicums but recently has been classified as Capsicum rhomboideum. Mostly the vegetative characteristics are very different from other capsicums.

Vegetative characteristics

The growth is quite exceptional compared to other capsicums. The plant grows very quickly in height with many side branches. The leaves are oval shaped and have some pubescent characteristics (hairy). They are about 6 cm long and 5 cm wide. The plant can reach a height up to 2.5m.









The flowers of the Capsicum rhomboideum are yellow and very small and grow on long stems.  Like the C. Lanceolatum it has very long calyx teeth.





Fruits and Seeds

The fruits are round and very small. They mature from green to red and have a diameter 5-6 mm. The fruits are soft and contain no heat. When dried, they have a very special sweet, malt-like taste. The seeds are brown and have a diameter of 2mm. Smaller fruits often have not more then 2 seeds while bigger fruits can contain 5-6 seeds


Immature pods.



Mature pods.



 Size of the pods.


Distribution area

Specific location where plant where found:

Sabana de Bogota: Rio Bogota, height 1.400-1.500 m.

RTequendama: La Mesa, road to La Mesa San Javier, height 950-1.320 m., San Antonio de Tena


Additional Pictures

C. rhomboideum Bonchi

C. rhomboideum Bonchi




 Maturing pods.


 Some seeds now available at:

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