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After smoking a few batches of chile varieties with Bradley smoker I needed to have the dehydrating option also.
With heating element included on the Bradley smoker, this is very easy thing to do without making any modifications to the actual product. This is just an attachment modification.

Here's the original article about the Bradley smoker, check it out if you haven't seen it yet:
Bradley Smoker Article

But let's get on with the modification!

I first took a piece of plate, just to fit the attachment of smoke generator on the bradley smoker.
The size doesm't have to be exact in any means, just large enough so you can hang it there.
You need a fan which some air flow, an adjustment for the fan is good but not necessary, you can control the air flow
with the valve on top of the of the Bradley smoker.
For a smoker this small, a computer case fan is powerful enough.

Draw the marks for attaching the fan. I used screws to attach the fan so I marked them here too.

Then, I simply made a starting hole for the cutting, you can use drill for this if you like, it doesn't matter.

Then, use shears for cutting a hole for the fan.

Ok, almost done here! It's so simple!

Then, just attach the fan to the plate by using any method you like, tape with 2 adhesive sides, screws, glue… anything.
I used screws and cut of  the tips and soldered them to the plate, works fine.

I also attached handles for easy attachment.. this is not necessary, just a little trick to make it easier to attach it. 🙂

Ok, all done, just a paint to suit the bradley more nicely!

Then I adjust the heater on the bradley, and the airflow with the fan adjustment (id available) and/or valve on the top of the smoker.
I like to have a nice air circulation and depending on the varieties, keep the temperature inside the bradley smoker around 40-50 degrees.

Keep in mind, this works perfectly for drying non-smoked chiles too!!

I actually have been so happy with the Bradley smoker that I bough another one!
Now I can have one cabinet for smoking and another for drying, a continuous cycle. 🙂

Owning one Bradley smoker means you have a cold smoker and  hot smoker with smoking generator with gives you a maximum total continuous smoking time of over 8 hours!!After that or at some point, just add more briquettes and you can have as smoky chiles as you want!

This way you also have a perfect dehydrator for both smoked and fresh chiles!