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Smoking Chiles with Bradley Smoker!

Smoking chile peppers with Bradley smoker After using all kinds of smokers for chiles for several years I was very happy to finally find smoker that is a pleasure to use, easy to maintain and which is just large enough for personal use. Let me tell some more about it! After seeing first how decently […]

Tepin, National Park of Tikal, Guatemala

Tepin, National Park of Tikal, Guatemala This variety has a nice little story behind it as I got the seeds from a vicar who was a friend of my mother`s. He brought the seeds from the National Park of Tikal, Guatemala. The year was 2003. Here’s a picture from a Jungle in Tikal: Picture: […]

Pimenta-da-Neyde (C. sp)

Pimenta da Neyde Written by: Luciano Coelho Pimenta-da-Neyde is a very strange and interesting plant.  It’s apparently a chinense-annuum cross with purple pods! A friend from Brazil called Neyde (that’s where the name comes from) sent me some seeds. This plant is interesting because it’s purplish and seems to be a C. annuum/C. chinense hybrid. […]

Malagueta do Valongo

Malagueta do Valongo Written by: Luciano Coelho This is a huge Malagueta (C. frutescens) plant growing in a ranch on the locality of Valongo in the city of Porto Bello – SC, Brazil. Seu Valdir (the man in the picture), is the one who takes care of it and who is responsible for it’s incredible […]

Guampinha de veado (C. baccatum)

Guampinha de Veado Written by: Luciano Coelho The Guampinha de Veado (“deer’s horn”) is a semi-wild C. baccatum variety which grows as a landrace in the south of Brazil.  It’s originally from the city of Piratini in the Campanha region of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.    The region’s climate is subtropical […]

Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw – As hot as it gets!

The Story of Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw     Jigsaw article in finnish – click here!   Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw   Years ago, after getting Moruga Scorpion seeds, a long time before it was measured to be the hottest variety on earth, I started a breeding project which started with Moruga Scorpion variety. During that time […]


Dutch-Habanero The Dutch-Habanero project has been an interesting crossing experience which started about 5 years before this article.    For this experiment, I wanted to have two completely different chiles to start with. Habanero (C. chinense) And Dutch Chile (C. annuum), a basic Market chile. With these two completely different chiles it was more clear […]

How to build a customized fluorescent lamp system (T5)

Build a customized fluorescent lamp system (T5)  When growing seedlings and plants in the vegetative stage using fluorescents is a great way to provide the beloved plants with bright and balanced light. This guide shows how to build a system that will fit for almost any growing needs indoors.   Introduction  Fluorescent lamp systems are […]

Fatalii’s Chile Pepper Processing Service

Fatalii’s Chile Pepper Processing Service Do you have plenty of chile peppers you would want to have dried and powdered or smoked and powdered?   Send me your fresh chile pepper pods and I will process them as you want and send them back to you. You pay only the postage fee when sending them […]

The Story of Fatalii Gourmet Naga Morich

The Story of Fatalii Gourmet Naga Morich The tastiest extreme class chile pepper. The story of Fatalii Gourmet Naga Morich starts in early 2006 when I got the first seeds for this variety, which still is one of the most scared chile peppers in the world.It has also gained very good reputation because of it’s […]