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Taking cuttings using Rooting hormone and Cuttingboard

First I have to tell that you can take cuttings using the methods below, but instead of using rooting hormone or cuttingboard, you can simply put the cuttings to a glass of waters and let them stay there for couple of weeks. At some point, they should start forming roots and are ready to be planted to soil or hydroponic system.

But let’s get back to the actual project: 

This is absolutely my favorite way to reproduce cuttings, so dexterous process!

Best of all, cuttingboard can be used for growing seedlings (germinated or rooted)
for both, soil and hydroponics.
You can save a lot of work by skipping the first repottings when using Cuttingboard!

1. first steps are like rooting in soil or rockwool.
Here’s the stem with the oblique cut

2. Here you can see the whole pruned cutting with an oblique cut.

3. Now, dip the stem of the cutting into Clonex-rooting hormone properly.

4. Here’s a pot for cuttingboard (included in the package).

5. Put the cutting into pot so that the stem will come out from the bottom of the pot.
Few centimeters will do

6. Now, fill up the pot with leca -gravel.
Keep the cutting around the middle spot from the top.

7. That’s basically it!
The cutting is ready for the Cuttingboard!

8. Cutting in a cuttingboard

9. Cutting rooting in Cuttingboard.
Here you can se the basci idea for a Cuttingboard.
Oxygenized water for the stems that have been dipped in rooting hormone
(don’t worry, it’s sticky stuff!)

10. Roots in Cuttingboard after few weeks.

11. Rooted cutting after 3 weeks in a Cuttingboard!