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Capsicum baccatum

Meaning “berry-like”.
Originated from Peru or Bolivia.
C. baccatums are ofter referred as “Aji’s”, which means simply “Chile pepper”.
This species isn’t very well-know outside south-america which is a shame because there are lots of tasty pods for culinary uses!
There are plenty of different pod types and sizes, and there’s a surprising amount of different aromas too!
After several years of growing C. baccatums I’m still able to find new aromas from this group, which makes them very interesting to grow.
The plants are usually very fast growing and they grow until they get huge.
Still, some varieties in this group are small bushes.
In most cases, the plant aren’t too compact and therefore aren’t a good choice for indoor growing unless you know exactly the variety you’ll be growing.
Some varieties in this group will produce plenty of yield when harvested continously. 
Usually easy to grow even for beginners unless the growing containers aren’t too small.

Photos of Capsicum baccatum: