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CGN 19198 (C. sp)
A true mystery!

This is the most interesting variety/species I'm growing at the moment.
Several flowers on one pedicle is a new trait for Capsicums!

Picture of a plant.

Picture of a small plant.

Picture of a flower bud.

Picture of unique tri-flower buds!

Another multi-flower pic.
I've never seen nothing like this with Capsicums!

Another flower shot.

Pretty flowers.

Pedicle / flower shot.
This time the flowers had less anthocyanin than before.
(It's the purple color that protects the flowers against the strong sunshine.)

Stamen / pistil close-up.

Immature pod.

A "Tri-Pod".

Maturing pods.

Mature pod.

Mature pods.

Pods at different stages of maturity.