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Finnish chile head Marko "Naga" Tamminen broke records by eating the hottest pepper variety on the planet: Naga Morich, the pepper with many names: Bhut Jolokia, Bih, Jolokia, Nagahari, Ghost Pepper…

Those who have tasted Naga know how hot it really is, but for the rest of us: How hot is the hottest? With a scoville value of around one million, the capsaisin content is barely comparable to the famous Tabasco -sauce, which has 2500-5000 scoville heat units…

Previously Tamminen ate 3 Nagas on meeting of Finnish Chili Association at Tampere, finishing second. The winner was Riku Heikkilä with an awesome total of 4! On that competition one Naga pepper was sliced for each competitor – nobody believed that any of these guys would eat more than one.

However, after his first hot pepper eating competition, Tamminen realized that he can eat even more, so after a quick call to a friend, he registered to a national TV-show "Ennätystehdas" – "The Record Factory". The aim was obviously to break Riku's record.

The shooting of the show was on 9/9/2007 and it aired on 11/18/2007. Preparations were simple: Mandatory make up's, two litres of yogurt and one Naga Morich to warm up! And of course, the host had to taste a little bite of Naga as well…

Tamminen ate total of four and half pods! And yes, he is still alive, even though the host drank the other one litre yogurt carton!

Aired show and "after feelings" are available at YouTube.


Aired clip of "Ennätystehdas" on YouTube:

And the extra "After Feelings" clip:

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Additional information about Naga Morich pepper: