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Exhaust air project

I currently applied an option to use the exhaust air coming from the house air conditioning for greenhouse air conditioning / heating / cooling, that will be more than perfect for winter, season extending or early season growing!

Works as air conditioning which changes air once an hour, this is ideal for cold and moist autumn which usually causes fungus on the plant and makes the pods rot.
Works also as cooling during the hot summer.
With this and all energy saving methods I’m using growing in my current 50m2 greenhouse is cheaper than in my old, small 10m2 greenhouse (it didn’t have proper insulating on floor)!


We implemented an air conditioning with a heating and cooling for our house.
The house will be warmed up mostly with the sun (~February/march-November).
When it gets too cold, the house will be heated with a warm water accumulator.
The hot water will be circulated thru the water battery that is connected to air channel leading to every room in our house.

Good quality heat exchanger ensures the heating will be cheap even during the cold season.
Outdoor temperature can drop below -30 degrees celsius during the winter in Finland.
During the summer, a house cooling will be a GREAT thing!
We’ll use a cold water from our drill well for cooling down the house (free water!) which ensures enjoyable enviroment even during the scalding summer without any extra electricity!
The cold water will be circulated in the same battery which is used for heating during the winter.

The channel on the up right is an exhaustion channel which I intend to use for heating up the greenhouse during the cold months.
That will save a lot of wood and makes things much easier.

When I need some extra heating for the greenhouse, I just take a sauna bath and that’s it!
My choice for heating up the greenhouse. 🙂

Warm air coming from the air conditioning of the house will be used for heating up the greenhouse during the spring, autumn & winter.
This way the greenhouse can be used around the year very easily and without any extra cost!
The red lines shows how I planned the channel.
It will be mostly underground, and insulated properly of course.

Here’s the original plan for the exhaust air project.