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Smoke oven project

Day 1.
A hole for the concrete is ready!

Day 2.
A board frame for supporting the cement is ready.

Day 2.
Iron mountings for the cement are ready.

Day 2.
Some cement casted.

Day 2.
Cement casted.

Day 2.
Another iron mounting is immersed into the cement for a stronger structure.

Day 2.
Base of the smoke oven is done!

Day 3.
Underdrains complete.

Day 3.
Planning the form of the smoke oven.

Day 3.
More bricks added.

Day 4.
Temporary support for the shed.

Day 4.
Iron mountings ready for the shed.

Day 4.
Shed casted.

Day 5.
Plate for the smoking chips ready!
Few more rows of bricks casted.
Valve for the chimney done.

Day 6.
5 layers of smoking grates ready.

Day 7.
9 layers of smoking grates ready!

Day 8.
Almost done!
Soon it’s time to start some serious pepper smoking!

Day 9.
Smoke oven test!!
It worked very well!

The heat is a problem with smaller smokers.
With this oven, I can leave the chiles to smoke over the night
without burning or cooking them too much.

Temperatures in degree celsius,
above is the temperature outdoors and
below is the temperature
in the smoking oven, where the chiles are.

I will also test drying with this oven after finishing this project completely.
More about that later.

Some chiles ready to be smoked!