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The ingredient’s you need to make chile chocolate, are (surprise, surprise..): chocolate and chilepowder. I had three different kind of chipotle chilepowder. All of them were made by Fatalii.

Dark chocolate, "basic" chocolate and chilepowder.


1. Put some water in the bottom (bigger) pan. Then put the smaller pan into the bigger pan. Turn up the heat.

…While you are waiting for the water to warm up make sure everything is ready…

2. When the water has warm up, put the chocolate in the smaller pan.

3. Stir..

4. When the chocolate has melted completely…

5. …pour it to the bowl.

6. Spice up the chocolate…

7. …and stir.

8. Pour the mix into the "mould". I used a spoon as you can see.

9. When you’re done, put the chocolate in the freezer for at least half an hour.

10. Chile chocolate is ready. Get ready to taste!