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Cheese-bacon-chili muffins (12 pcs)

Cheese-bacon-chili muffins (12 pcs)

2 dl milk (or water, if you like it better)
1/2 pack of yeast (25 g)
fistful of fresh basil (less, if you use dried basil)
1/2 dl melted butter
1 dl teared mozzarella
5 dl wheat flour

fresh chiles!
1 or 2 packets of fried bacon
2 dl teared mozzarella
fistful of fresh basil

Mix the yeast with handwarm milk, add the other ingredients.
Knead the dough and let it expand for half an hour.
Roll the dough to a rectangle on floured table and spread the
stuffing on it

Roll it and cut to pieces.

Lift the pieces to a greased muffin mould or paper moulds.

Bake at 225 degrees for 15-20 min.

Enjoy! :)