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Fatalii's Chipotle Oil is a perfect way to season almost any food!
It's distintive aroma will always kick through!

 Try it with: bread, chicken dishes, fish, steaks, pasta, rice,  dressing and other common cooking, you will be positively suprised!


 I call it simply: "chipoil".

Ingredients needed:

Use an airtight jar of your choice to store your chipoil.

Add a desired amount of Fatalii's Chipotle powder. If you don't have any yet,
get some from here.

Add one teaspoon of sugar, in this example I used cane sugar which is brown.
A normal sugar will do just fine.

Mince the garlic…

Add minced garlic… you can decide how small you want to mince it.
Instead of the fresh garlic you can use dried and powdered garlic.
Experiment with the amounts.
You can always add more later, so go easy with it at this point.

Add approximately one to two teaspoons of lemon juice.
On this example I roughly estimated by pouring some in.

Pour in one teaspoon of vinegar.

And finally pour in the vegetable oil to fill up the jar.

Stir it for a while to mix it all properly and leave it to room temperate for overnight.
Mix few times every once in a while.

Next day, stir it few times and it's ready to taste!!
Keep in mind that both the taste and heat will get better every day as it will dissolve nicely to the oil after a while.
Don't worry even as it sediments very quickly.. the taste will still spread very nicely.
When you use it, you can decide if you want to use just the oil from the surface,
or if you want to mix it properly to get even more both heat and taste.

Store it in a fridge.

When you're running low on the Fatalii's Chipotle Oil, you can add more vegetable oil,
just stir it properly after mixing and it will dissolve just fine in a day or two.

Happy cooking!!