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The ultimate really fatty and tasty mättö for those of us who like to get into summer shape and enjoy while doing so.


The main ingredients for basic "mättö". Some nachos, cheese, cold smoked reindeer, food cream, garlic etc. Could be made a lot better with fresh avodaco sauce, fresh pineapple slices etc. Just use your imagination

Add nachos, tomatoe sauce, chili and mix a bit.

Add rest of the stuff and more chili.

Finally the coating with cheese and smoked rocoto powder. Put into oven in 200-225C until cheese has melted and gotten a nice colour.

Final product that was absolutely fantastic. Just remember to NOT use too much tomatoe sauce and food cream. Otherwise the texture of nachoes is too soft and it becomes impossible to eat them without fork. Ideally top of the nachoes is hard so one can eat them with hands. It’s easier to get good solution if there is only thin layer of nachoes in large bowl.