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NAN bread(numeroleipä for the geeks) is extremely good idea as a sidedish with fiery food. It really helps if the pain of eating fiery food becomes too extreme in your mouth. Also the bread tastes excellent, especially with a good seasoning.


I use following basic ingredients to bake the bread. This recipe makes for three breads.

5dl flours
2.0dl water
2dl yoghurt
1/2 yeast package
1/2dl oil
1 spoon sugar
2 tea spoons salt

Heatup the water to ~37C. Add yeast and mix. Stir the ingredients together to make the dough. The dough should be quite sticky

Let the dough rise for about 40 minutes. The dough should double its size.

Bake the dough into suitable sized balls and let it rise again for 10 minutes


Turn on the oven and set it to heat up to 220C

Bake the balls to 1/2cm height breads with your hands and put to oven for about 10 minutes


Use the middle layer ofoven to make the bread. In the end use highest layer of oven to give extra crispy  surface for bread. Bread is ready once the surface looks delicious. Time needed in oven is about 10 minutes. 


So now it's time to make seasoning for the bread to add that extra taste.  Ingredients needed for basic seasoning are:


Mix the ingredients together and warm the mixture. Use the seasoning as dipping or brush the seasoning over the bread. Enjoy the bread with very hot indian style food!