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Smoking with charcoal grill is fun and can add that extra punch to you BBQ…



So, it really isn't smoking as in regular smoker and the taste isn't same either.But it it really is fun and adds more dimension to your BBQ meals definately making people wonder, how did he/she do that? BBQ has never tasted so good…

 So what we need is a charcoal grill, smoking wood chips or blocks and some meat, fish and vegetables. One can use many different kind of wood varieties for smoking such as alder, juniper, oak, whiskey barrel chips and so on. All they will give different taste. If you truly are adventorous soul try mixing different kind of woods and spices.




First you need to prepare the grill as usual, burn the char coal until it is ready for bbq. When waiting for the grill to be ready soak the wood chips in water to make then not burn but smoke.


 Create nice piles of coals and place for the wood chips next to them. Make sure that chips don't burn in too warm temperature as it will cause bitter taste.



Use the lid of the grill to adjust temperature in grill. More you let air in hotter the grill will work. Below is a small trout in the grill without lid. Every 10-15 minutes you can add more woodchips to grill to make more smoke. 



In the end finalize the BBQ by letting the grill heatup and then close the lid to make all the final smoke to stay in grill and let the meat soak the taste. Generally letting the lid be open for about 5cm has worked me best.  It keeps the grill hot enough and smoke doesn't just escape to thin air.

 This kind of smoking works for all regular BBQ recipes, just use your imagination and try different wood varieties. Also try smoking vegetables…